The Client agrees to be bound by the terms as set out below when accepting details of, or engaging an applicant introduced by Family Match Australia (The Agency).


The passing of an introduction to another person or company which results in an engagement of the referred persons services renders you the client liable for payment of the Agency fees.

The Agency: endeavours to verify all applicants credentials, qualifications, and references supplied to us and which are made available to our clients in confidence so that they may also check the references. In the event that The Agency was unable to confirm the credentials of the applicant the Agency will inform the client.

The Agency accepts NO LIABILITY for this agency, its staff or applicants for any damage, compensation, loss or any other claim resulting from the employment of the Au Pair or Nanny either live in or live out, introduced or placed by The Agency.

Both a verbal and written confirmation must be received by The Agency before the applicant can take up residence with the client. Payment of the placement fee is due on the first day in full on the day the applicant takes up residence.

International Au Pair hourly rate of pay suggested AUD $7.00 and paid by the Host Family directly to the Au Pair at the end of each week.

Australian employees rates are quoted upon application.



Childcare Experience

Length of Stay

Booking Fee

Placement Fee

Classic Au Pair with Childcare Experience

Up to 4 months



Classic Au Pair with  Childcare Experience

4 - 6 months



Premium Au Pair  - 6 months Childcare Experience

6 months 



Chinese/Thai Au Pair +6 months Childcare experience

6 months 





  • Au Pair Booking Fee is not an advance payment and will not be invoiced until you have signed an agreed terms of contract between yourself and your Au Pair.
  • Placement Fee is due upon arrival of Au Pair with the Host Family.
  • Late payment of the placement fee will negate the replacement guarantee and a service fee of $75 will apply.
  • An additional penalty of 10% will be charged after a second reminder for non-payment of the account.
  • Family Match Australia reserves the right to relocate an Au Pair if placement fee is not paid on time.
  • In the event that the family cancels a booking less than 7 days prior to the commencement date no refund will be made.
  • There are no trial periods.

There are no trial periods. Should your financial circumstances change and you are unable to retain your Au Pair whom we have placed with you, two weeks written notice to Family Match is required to allow time for relocation of the Au Pair.

If a replacement Au Pair is required during the first six weeks, we will source you a new Au Pair to complete the remaining period of your original contract at no extra cost.

This guarantee is void if the host family has not adhered to the payment terms agreed to by the Host Family with Family Match Australia, or if the reason for the Au Pair's departure is a failure of the Host Family to provide her with her own private room and/or that her living conditions within the home are not of good hygienic standard, or facilities are not as represented prior to engagement of the Au Pair.

Family Match Australia do not undertake to replace an Au Pair if one has departed prematurely for any reason that is considered detrimental to her welfare whilst staying with the Host Family.

In the event of any of the above the Au Pair shall be entitled to terminate the engagement with immediate effect.

Booking Fee and Placement Fee is non-refundable.

In the event that a host Family decides to substantially change their duty roster days and/or hours without notifying Family Match Australia after the Au Pair has arrived to commence her duties, and if the understanding between the Host Family and the Au Pair can not be resolved, a seven day notice of relocation for the Au Pair will apply.

The Placement fee is due the first day the Au Pair is in residence.
The invoice is raised after you have booked our candidate. The fee charged to the client for any individual is only applicable to one engagement.
A further fee will be charged by Family Match Placements for each re-engagement.

A service charge of $75.00 is payabale if invoice payment is not received within 5 days of the date of the invoice. A further administration fee of $75.00 is payable after 14 days from date of invoice.

The management of Family Match Australia reserves the right of offering its services to Applicants and Host Families

Family Match Australia does not charge advance payments for our introduction service.
Booking and Placement Fees are payable by direct bank deposit.
Payment details will be provided with the Booking/Placement Invoice.