Q: How long can an Au Pair stay with the Host Family?

A: The Working Holiday Visa is for 12 months but Au Pairs can only stay with one employer for a 6 month maximum period.

Q: Have you any Au Pairs available to start ASAP?

A: Once we receive your completed Family Registration form we will be able to respond to you with the availability of suitable Au Pairs.

Q: I am seeking an Au Pair to start at a particular time. How long does it usually take to find someone? Should I be registering already? Or can I leave it a few months before registering my family?

A: We are already accepting Family Registrations in advance of 6-12 months.
Q: Are there any obligations associated with registering (e.g. do I have to go through your agency or can I still be looking at other agencies as well at the same time)?

A: You are under no obligation to register exclusively with us (you may however prefer our personal service though which has been well recommended).
Q: Can I receive a childcare rebate or subsidy?

A: Subject that the carer is registered with the appropriate State authority and has undertaken a police check, or "Working with Children Checkā€ (WWCC). There are different requirements for each state. Inquiries for benefits should be directed to the Centrelink website in your State.
Q: Is there a certain payment range and hourly range that I am bound to? Or is it something entirely worked out and agreed upon between the au pair and family?

A: We will suggest the appropriate rate which will be calculated according to the number of adults and children in the family home together with the duties required with the minimum hourly rate being $7.
Q: How do I pay my Au Pair?

A: You need to pay your Au Pair on a weekly basis, for example, every Friday. She can either open a bank account or you can pay her cash.
Q: What's the difference between a guarantee period and a trial period?

A: We do not conduct a trial period, as we provide a 6 week replacement guarantee.
Q: What happens if the family is unhappy with the Au Pair or vice-versa?

A: Firstly we will try to help with any resolvable issues that your family or the Au Pair may have. If this mediating is not effective and in the event that the Au Pair feels unhappy with her accommodation or the way she is being treated by the family members we offer to relocate her as part of our service to the Au Pair.

With regards to replacing the Au Pair due to incompatibility with the family, The Family Match Australia Guarantee will come into place provided we are notified by email from the family that a problem has arisen and that a replacement is required.
Q: What is the most important thing to look for in an Au Pair?

A: Since one of the applicants you interview will have the most important job of all - looking after your children, it is important that you feel confident in their ability to look after your children and to fit in with your family. You will be provided with a transcript of a telephone interview / on request

During your Telephone/Skype interview you may ask them the following questions for example:
  • are you comfortable preparing meals for and / or eating meals with the family?

  • are you confident being in sole charge of the children? (make sure they know approximately how often they will be required to care solely for children)

  • are you happy to assist the family with light household duties? (outline possible domestic duties)

  • are you happy to work overtime when it is needed? (let them know that you will pay extra)

  • are you prepared to work on weekends / nights if required? (let them know if flexibility in regard to this is required)

  • do you expect to be able to invite your family / friends to visit? (tell them what your rules are concerning visitors to the house)

  • do you expect to use the telephone / internet / TV? (let them know when the use of these are acceptable to you)

  • how long can you commit to the family?

The Selection & Screening Process - Follow your instincts:

Even if you're not used to interviewing people, you can nearly always rely on your instinct. Makes notes during the interview and see how you feel the next day when you have slept on it. You will more than certainly have a strong feeling either way about a candidate which is very likely the right decision - if you feel something's not right, it probably isn't.

We're happy to talk through your interview and find out more information if you have more questions but whilst Family Match will endeavour to propose the most appropriate candidate to the family, we feel that the family is much better placed to judge the suitability of the candidate than we are. We therefore provide the family with all the necessary information but ask them to ensure they are 100% confident they are hiring the right Au Pair and encourage them to carry out further checks should they feel it's necessary.