Family Match is dedicated to looking after the well being of both its client Host Families and the visiting Au Pairs, to that extent we have many letters of thanks on record.

Dear Amanda

Thank you so much for talking to us last week and for sending some information about possible applicants.

I really appreciated your helpful phone call and support and the thought that even in a crisis situation there is going to be a helpful person at the end of the phone. !!



I’ve been doing some research online and thought I’d contact you as you seem a bit less ‘corporate’ than some of the other agencies (That’s a compliment! Their websites give the impression that they’re only in it for the $$$).
Thanks so much Amanda

I truly appreciate your assistance and can’t thank you enough for your support.

I can’t tell you how grateful my husband and I are for your truly exceptional support, it makes this whole process so smooth and much more of a fantastic experience to be supported by you.

You have made us  feel so at ease about this all.

Dear Amanda and Gerry – thank you again for all your wonderful support helping with our family and Au pairs

Best Wishes


Can I just say thanks for all your hard work. We are very happy customers.

Dear Amanda,

Accept our appreciation for facilitating this and for the excellent professionalism you and your team bring to bear in assisting Australian families such as ours.

Thanks and regards