Information for Families: Au Pair Service

Family Match can help you solve the problem of help in the home,

subject to your requirements and the availability of the right person at the right time.


Registration is free, unlike other matching services and agencies.


What is an Au Pair? Au Pairs are young adults between the ages of 18 and 28 who come to Australia and live as an extended member of their host family. Au Pairs generally provide 20-40 hours per week of childcare and light domestic duties plus some extra evening babysitting if required. The host family provides the au pair with their own bedroom, meals and pays for utilities.


Au Pairs are available with full childcare histories in most cases. Whilst most of our applicants are females there is also some availability of male applicants. Rates vary according to workload and will be quoted on application. Family Match Au Pair Introduction Service Every family has different needs. Many of our registered families have been long-term clients of our agency, as have many of our childcares .


For those client families who have the accommodation to offer to live in help, we are suggesting that you consider the services of an Au Pair to help you in the home, those families who only need assistance for before and after school care living in have the advantage of another pair of hands to assist you when you need help in the home and you are not able to be there. An Au Pair is invited by the "Host Family" to come and live with the family, as part of the family and share the facilities of the house.


The Au Pair is provided with board and accommodation ( her own bedroom) which should be comfortable and totally private. In return for enjoying your hospitality the Au Pair is expected to assist in the home with general duties.

What a family can ask an Au Pair to do:
    •    Her own washing and bedroom/bathroom!
    •    Children's washing/ironing and putting their clothes away, and children's bedding
    •    Tidy children's bedrooms, communal areas, emptying the bins.
    •    Prepare children's meals and washing up
    •    Help clearing up after meals - but this should be a joint task!
    •    Help preparing the family meal - but this should be taken in turns
    •    Hoovering/sweeping
    •    Help with the family laundry - but should not be responsible for all of it

What an Au Pair should not be asked to do: Anything that would not be considered as a daily or weekly task
    •    Defrosting the freezer
    •    Thorough cleaning of appliances other than wiping it after use (fridge, hob, oven, microwave, blender)
    •    Full spring cleaning e.g. emptying cupboards, pulling furniture out to clean behind it, polishing
    •    Cleaning walls/doors/skirting boards
    •    Washing the carpets
    •    Cleaning windows

Any tasks that don't concern the house
    •    Washing the car
    •    Cleaning office appliances
    •    Gardening
    •    Cleaning/clearing out the garage/loft
    •    Window cleaning
    •    Pet training
    •    Clearing up after untrained pets

Any tasks concerning the parents
    •    Parents' bedding
    •    Parents' ensuite bathroom
    •    Putting parents' clothes away
    •    Handwashing
    •    Clearing up after the parents' dinner if the Au Pair and children have eaten at another time


Childcare Experience

Length of Stay

Booking Fee

Placement Fee

Classic Au Pair with Childcare Experience

Up to 4 months



Classic Au Pair with Childcare Experience

4 - 6 months



Premium Au Pair with  6 months Childcare Experience

6 months 



Chinese/Thai Au Pair  with 6 months Childcare Experience

6 months 





  • Au Pair Booking Fee is not an advance payment and will not be invoiced until you have signed an agreed terms of contract between yourself and your Au Pair.
  • Placement Fee is due upon arrival of Au Pair with the Host Family.
  • Late payment of the placement fee will negate the replacement guarantee and a service fee of $75 will apply.
  • An additional penalty of 10% will be charged after a second reminder for non-payment of the account.
  • Family Match Australia reserves the right to relocate an Au Pair if placement fee is not paid on time.
  • In the event that the family cancels a booking less than 7 days prior to the commencement date no refund will be made.
  • There are no trial periods.

Dealing with any problems 

Communication is the key to dealing with any issues. Many Australian families prefer to "hint" to the Au Pair that there's something wrong in order to avoid hurting their feelings or provoking a confrontation. Whilst this may be successful in some cases, cultural differences must be taken into account - in some countries they are much more direct.



Writing lists and "micro managing" really works when someone is hesitant to admit that they don't understand.


Tell the Au Pair you'd like them to have a think about it and try to improve things. Explain that you will give it another X number of weeks and review the situation. It's important that the Au Pair understands the gravity of the situation and that this is their last chance.


Give the Au Pair the opportunity to give you feedback - it may be that they're not happy either resulting in them under performing.


Finish on a positive note reminding them of their qualities. 


If you feel there is no chance of improvement, it may just be that it's not the right Au Pair for your family. We recommend contacting Family Match to talk things over and decide where you want to go from there.


    •    Plan this in advance allowing your Au Pair some thinking time

    •    Choose a time when you know you will not be stressed or too tired

    •    Plan what you are going to say and try to stick to it

    •    Start with some positive feedback about areas you are happy with

    •    Explain what you feel isn't working out, and document any issues in a list 

    •    If language is an obstacle, use a dictionary or Google Translate

Contacting the agency if things don't work out

We are available to advise you, share our experience and talk things through to help you work out what you want to do when you come across any issues however minor they may seem. 


You can email us or call the office Monday-Friday, from 8am-5pm on 02 4363 2500. Please note if we are on the phone or unavailable your call will be redirected to our answering team who will take a message and pass it on to us. We will return your call as soon as possible. 


We often check email out of hours and on weekends and public holidays so please feel free to email at any time at

Duty hours and pay rates

On a daily basis the duty hours will be by arrangement with the individual Au Pair and the number of days per week 5 to exclude the week end Saturday and Sunday ( babysitting by arrangement), eg:for 25 -35 hours per week the Au Pair should receive $180.00 - $250 as a guide the payment of $7.00 per hour is acceptable and is made weekly to the Au Pair. 

The allocation of work time may be varied to suit the families needs, and where possible, by giving your Au Pair advance notice for occasional babysitting in the evenings. 

Important Note:

Some Au Pair applicants may be formally trained in the care of babies and infant toddlers, however unless specifically stated it is not advisable to in any way make sole charge care of babies and infants the responsibility of untrained carers. 

Family Match forwards Applicant references and makes them available to Host Families for scrutiny and verification. 

Family Match does not check Au Pair applicant's references. Our international Partner Agencies carry out preliminary reference checks on behalf of their Au Pair Applicants. Client Families are welcome to check Au Pair references. 


There are no registration fees, however, when you have decided to confirm a Booking with a particular applicant a Booking Fee of $75.00 will apply followed by a placement fee after the Au Pair is in residence. 


Working With Children

Family Match recommend that you visit the appropriate website for full information on Working With Children Checks, as well as other strategies for providing a safe environment for children. 

Client Families may obtain further information regarding "Working with Children" from: 

New South Wales: 


West Australia: 

Visitors are exempt in Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and the Northern Territory. 

Where applicable, our International applicants are directed to apply for the appropriate Working With Children Check upon arrival in Australia.

General Information 

Airfares and insurance: The cost of return airfares to Australia is paid by the Au-Pair, as are medical and insurance expenses. However, some families offer to assist the Au Pair applicant with the cost of their travel expenses. 


Choosing the right Au Pair 

Whilst we are here to provide you with hand picked and vetted Au Pairs, ultimately the decision to take on a candidate is down to you the host family. You are best placed to know what will and won't work in your family. 


The success of a placement nearly always comes down to chemistry so we recommend you take the time to interview your Au Pair and exchange emails/photos/skype to see if it's going to be a good fit. 


Completing your registration form 

We ask you to provide us with a maximum amount of information the first time you register with us. 


We need to know your basic requirements to select some suitable Au Pairs, but the best matches are made when we really know your family well. 


We suggest that you send us some pictures of the family together with a picture of the separate accommodation for the au pair and a picture of your home. 


You may like to send us a letter describing your family, each child's name, age and hobbies and interests. 


We would like to know what kind of family you are - do you all eat together every evening or do you all tend to have seperate activities? Are you sporty and active or more interested in culture, reading etc. 


Are there any other important factors to take into consideration such as other adults living in your home, special needs, unusual dietary requirements, religions practiced at home. What will the Au Pair's accommodation be like? 


All this information will help us set the expectations of your future Au Pair. 


Selecting a candidate

We will send you lots of information about each candidate.

Please take a moment to read this thoroughly. Double check the criteria that are very important to you - do they really love animals? How good is their English? 


We strongly recommend speaking to your Au Pair via Skype/webcam as this is almost as good as meeting them in person. You can see how they react to your questions, the children can get involved, you can see their body language etc and on top of that it's free ! 

Travel Arrangements 

The Au Pair will pay for her return travel to and from the nearest International Airport in Australia. We ask the host families to collect the Au Pair from the airport as it's very daunting for a young person to travel across a foreign country - not to mention carry their luggage! 


The Au Pair should liaise with you prior to booking their travel to ensure you are able to meet them and that they arrive at a convenient location. Identify your family at the airport by holding up an A4 size sign with your Au Pair's name on it. 



It is the family's responsibility to ensure that they have sufficient insurance (home, car and travel where necessary) to cover the new family member so please make sure that your insurance companies are kept informed. 

The Au Pair is responsible for her own medical insurance which she must arrange before her travel to Australia.